Artificial Intelligence Course in Hitech city

Artificial Intelligence Training :

Ganatech Solution is Artificial Intelligence Certification training course with placements will help you master all aspects of Artificial Intelligence including

Artificial Intelligence Course in Hitech city:

Sign up for the Stylish Artificial Intelligence Certification in Hitech city headed by the frontal line assiduity experts. In this course, you’ll be erecting the core cognitive chops in Artificial Intelligence that gets you hired successfully. In addition to hands- on real time training delivery, in our Artificial Intelligence Course in Hyderabad with instrument we will be aiding you in capsule medication & interview scheduling. Enroll Now For Free rally.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Course in Hitech city Overview:

Ganatech Solution on starting a career in Artificial Intelligence? Ganatech Solution result Artificial Intelligence Course program is the choice of preference for the budding AI career suckers. The advanced skill sets that you get to make from this course will help you in passing an accelerated career growth in Artificial Intelligence. This course is in collaboration with the assiduity experts from the IIT & PHD alumina. In this 60 hours of violent educator- led AI training, scholars will be working on multiple real- time systems & assignments.

Artificial Intelligence Course in Hitech city




  • Why/What machine learning
  • Real time applications of machine learning
  • Data science project life cycle
  • Overview of data, tools and processes
  • Environment setup – Anaconda distribution setup
  • Assignment/Quiz

Python programming language:

  • Basic data structures – List, Set, Tuple, Dictionary
  • Functions and loops
  • Object-oriented programming: classes & objects
  • Packages
  • Overview of python libraries (pandas, skelarn, keras, spacy, nltk,etc)
  • Directory and File management
  • Exception handling
  • Assignment/Quiz

Statistical distributions:

  • Random variable and probability
  • Probability rules and types
  • Bayes’ theorem
  • Histogram and Probability density function
  • Probability distributions
  • Bernoulli, Geometric, Binomial, Poisson and exponential distributions
  • Assignment/Quiz

Data preparation and pre-processing (pandas):

  • Data cleaning and transformations
  • Missing value handling
  • Outlier handling
  • Train/Valid/test split – random and stratified
  • Feature engineering
  • Assignment/Quiz

Machine learning:

  • Supervised learning– Regression, Classification
  • Unsupervised learning– Clustering, dimensional reduction
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Assignment/Quiz

Supervised Learning – Regression (SK learn):

  • Simple linear regression
  • Assumptions of linear regression
  • Multiple Linear Regressions
  • Polynomial Regression
  • Evaluation- MSE, RMSE, correlation, R Squared, Adjusted R Squared
  • Bias- variance trade off
  • Use case of Linear regression
  • Assignment/Quiz