Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence(AI) training in hyderabad

Artificial Intelligence Training In Hyderabad

Artificial Intelligence Online Training In Hyderabad is a highly advanced career program.

Ganatech” has started with the main intention of helping the aspirants secure a successful career in this dynamic profession.

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Artificial intelligence(AI) training in hyderabad

Our expert trainers who are Certified are very much qualified in moulding the students to transform into complete career ready experts.

We deliver the Best Artificial Intelligence(AI) Training program with 3 months & Weekend Training sessions.

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About Artificial Intelligence Training

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a long history but is still properly and actively growing and changing. In this course, you’ll learn the basics of modern AI as well as some of the representative applications of AI such as Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Statistics, Artificial Neural Networks, Restricted Boltzmann Machine (RBM) and Tensorflow with Python.

    • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Fundamentals
    • Basic techniques of Machine Learning
    • Python Libraries
    • Google TensorFlow: An Overview
    • Knowledge of the Tensor Processing Unit in depth
    • Natural language processing, image recognition

      This  AI Training in Hyderabad Program with IBM and Gana tech solution offers job-ready learning in AI, Data Science, Deep Learning, and Machine learning to help learners understand the advanced tools and models better. This Artificial Intelligence Training in Hyderabad curriculum is designed to give a work-ready grasp of the vital AI fundamentals including statistical aspects of ML, Data Science and Python.

      In this AI course in Hyderabad, you will learn:

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