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Devops Course in Kukatpally

Devops training in Kukatpally:-

DevOps Training makes you master in the various aspects of the principles of continuous,software development operations, continuous integration, automation of configuration management and learn the various tools like Git, Docker, Jenkins, Nagios, Puppet, Ansible and Kubernetes.

The Best Devops training course. It is a set of best practices that emphasize the collaboration and communication of IT professionals in the lifecycle of applications and services, leading to Gana Tech Solutions being the best DevOps Course  in Ameerpet, Hyderabad.

Devops Training helps you to enhance your Linux (operating system) , Business Intelligence and Visualization Skills by working on Real time Industry Projects for better understanding. This Course will teach you the in depth course Refresher Classes with 100+ Functions and Formulas with demonstration.

Ganatech Solution DevOps Course in Kukatpally is your complete learning opportunity to master various aspects of DevOps implementation. You will work toward integrating the IT Development and IT Operations departments in a software setup. The training includes collaborating, communicating, and automating key processes and systems to create synergies in enterprises.

Devops Course in Kukatpally Ganatech solution,Best DevOps Training Institute is the best DevOps Training Institute in kukatpally and Hyderabad providing Online DevOps Training classes by realtime faculty with course material and 24×7 Lab Facility

Key Benefits:-

DevOps is a management methodology that is growing in popularity in today’s complex cloud sourcing environment. Effective DevOps can help organizations integrate the management of multiple service providers, leading to


  • Basic knowledge of object-oriented programming is enough
  • Who Should do the course
    • Software Developers
    • Project Managers
    • IT Managers
    • Development Managers
    • Architects

    DevOps Training Duration

    • 45 Days
      DevOps Course ContentIntroduction to DevOps

      • What is DevOps?
      • History of DevOps
      • Dev and Ops
      • DevOps definitions, Software Development Life Cycle and main objectives of the DevOps
      • Infrastructure As A Code
      • Prerequisites for DevOps
      • Tools (Jenkins, Chef, Docker, Vagrant and so on.)
      • Continuous Integration and Development