Linux Admin training in Ameerpet

Linux Admin training in Ameerpet:-

Linux Admin training in Ameerpet

Linux Admin training Overview:-

Ganatech solution is the Linux system administration is one of the most in-demand skills in IT. Linux is the operating system for web servers, cloud computing, smart phones and consumer electronics.Due to its rapid adoption, there’s a shortage of Linux system administrators.

  • By real time Projects With Real time Experts.
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Online and Offline Projects
  • With live videos and Projects
  • Beginner & Advanced level Classes
  • Hands-On Learning in Linux System AdministratorThis Linux course will cover the entire practical sessions rather than theory. Since we have separate troubleshoot sessions as part of this course will make you good expertise in Linux® administration. This troubleshoot session will make your life easier when working at the office.Our Trainers are working from MNC, so you will get exposure to real-time experience and good tips on how to approach an issue.Our experienced Trainers will teach you the Linux OS with real-time scenarios. Experienced and corporate trainers will share their knowledge during the classes. Corporate trainers will have more than 8+ years of experience.


Syllabus of Linux Administrator Course in Hyderabad

Module 1: Automating Programs:-

  • Run Levels
  • /etc/rc.d Files
  • Customization of Run Levels
  • cron and anacron
  • at and batch

Module 2: Login Options:-

  • Console Logon
  • Controlling Console Login
  • Virtual Consoles
  • Serial Login
  • Remote Login
  • ssh Login

Module 3: Building a Custom Linux Kernel:-

  • Kernel Versions
  • Kernel Source Files
  • Kernel Patch Files
  • Kernel Configuration
  • Kernel Building
  • Testing a New Kernel

Module 4: The GNU/Linux Filesystem:-

  • Partition Types
  • Filesystem Types
  • Mounting
  • Auto mount
  • File Types
  • File Security

Module 5: Key Filesystem Locations:-

  • Boot Files
  • User Files
  • Administrator Files
  • Configuration Files
  • Log Files

Module 6: The /proc Pseudo Filesystem:-

  • Process Info
  • Kernel Config Info
  • Hardware Info
  • Changing /proc Info
  • Sysctl

Module 7: BASH – Borne Again Shell:-

  • Key /bin Commands
  • Key /sbin Commands
  • History
  • man and info
  • vi
  • Using Shell Scripts

Module 8: User Management:-

  • Users and Groups
  • Home Directories
  • Password Files
  • PAM
  • Quotas
  • NIS Intro

Module 9: Software Management:-

  • tar Files
  • Patch Files
  • RPM

Module 10: Hardware Management:-

  • Types of Devices
  • /dev Namespace
  • Modules

Module 11: Network Management:-

  • Types of Network Devices
  • Monitoring Network Devices
  • Controlling Network Services
  • xinted
  • iptables

Module 12: Network Services:- 

  • DHCP
  • DNS
  • SSH

Module 13: Network Services:- 

  • FTP
  • NFS
  • Samba

Module 14: Network Services:- 

  • Send mail
  • Apache
  • Squid Proxy Server

Module 15: The X Window System:

  • X Servers and X Clients
  • XFree86
  • X Fonts
  • GTK and KDE