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office 365 admin training in Hyderabad

Why Should I take Training in Hyderabad at Gan Tech ?

As of today, all office 365 admin training organizations are going towards cloud services. To increase productivity organizations are preferring to use cloud applications that are managed services like Exchange Server. Almost every organization small or Enterprise needs to use various tools for communication, messaging, conferencing, project designing, sharing knowledge with users and for much more things. And they want the experience to manage these services for them and facilitate the user in finishing their tasks and daily functions. Companies are so hiring individuals with technical information for managing these services.


Course Office 365 Training :

  • Planning and provisioning Office 365
  •  Managing Office 365 users and groups
  • Configuring client connectivity to Microsoft Office 365
  • Planning and configuring directory synchronization
  • Planning and deploying Office 365 ProPlus
  • Planning and managing Exchange Online recipients and permissions 
  • Planning and configuring Exchange Online services
  • Planning and deploying Skype for Business Online
  • Planning and configuring an Office 365 collaboration solution
  • Planning and configuring security and compliance in Office 365
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting Microsoft Office 365 
  • Planning and configuring identity federation 
office 365 admin training