Oracle fusion financials R13 training in Hitech city

Oracle fusion financials R13 training in Hitech city

Ganatech result offers you a comprehensive course in Oracle fusion financials R13 training in Hitech city. In Oracle Fusion Financials Online Training, we will educate you about the fiscal reporting, account monitoring and account examination. We also have advanced computer labs where you have specialized support and faculty to fully master Oracle Fusion Financials. In training, you’ll first get to know about the Oracle Fusion Financials Online Training Overview.

After completely tutoring the theoretical generalities about mystic emulsion financials overview and training, you learn the practical operation of Financials. also, you’re assigned a real- time design. Not only it’s a perfect occasion for applying the chops you have acquired, but also you gain the practical experience in working with the Oracle Fusion Application Oracle fusion financials R13 training in Hitech city.

Oracle Fusion Financials Online Training Course Content

  1. Overview of Oracle Fusion Applications
    1. Introduction to ERP
    2. Overview of Oracle Cloud Fusion
    3. Oracle Fusion Implementation Models
    4. Enterprise Structure
    5. Oracle Fusion Architecture
  2. Introduction to Oracle Fusion Financials Online Training

    1. Fusion Financials vs. Oracle Apps Financials
    2. Applications in Fusion Financials
    3. Basic Accounting
    4. Explore Dash Board/Work Area
  3. Oracle Fusion Financials Concepts
    1. User & Roles (IDM & APM)
    2. Functional Setup Manager (FSM)
    3. Fusion FinancialOracle fusion financia R13 training in Hitech city
    4. Data import using ADFdi Spreadsheets
    5. File based data import (FBDI)
    6. Third Party Application Integration with Fusion Cloud Applications
    7. Invoice Imaging Solution
    8. Querying data from Database & Reporting
    9. Approvals setup (BPM)
  4. Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager (FSM)
    1. Introduction to Functional Setup Manager (FSM)
    2. Understanding Application Implementation Process through FSM
    3. Understanding Offerings
    4. Understanding Options
    5. Enabling Offerings
    6. Implementation Project Creation
    7. Task Assignments to Team Members
    8. Status Tracking
    9. Understating Task Lists/Tasks
    10. Overview on Offerings Documentation
    11. Overview on Rapid Implementation Process
  5. Oracle Fusion General Ledger (GL)
    1. GL Configuration
      1. Create Account Calendar
      2. Create/Enable Currencies
      3. Create Value Sets
      4. Create Chart of Accounts
      5. Create Chart of Accounts Instance
      6. Create Primary Ledger
      7. Setup Ledger Options
      8. Create Legal Entity
      9. Complete Primary Ledger Definition
      10. Review General Ledger Role Template
      11. Assign Data Roles to User
      12. Run LDAP Job
      13. Open GL Periods
    2. GL Transaction Process
      1. Understanding Role Based Dashboards
      2. Create Journals & Post
      3. Journal Approval Configuration & Testing
      4. Create Journals in ADFdi
      5. Loading Journals from FBDI Templates
      6. Foreign Currency Journals Setups & Process
      7. Reverse Journals Setups & Process
      8. Data Access Set Setups & Process
      9. Security Rules Setups & Process
      10. Cross Validation Rules Setups & Process
      11. Create Ledger Set Setups & Process
      12. Create Reporting Ledger/Reporting Currency Setups & Process
      13. Create Secondary Ledger Setups & Process
      14. Auto Posting Setups & Process
      15. Auto Reversal Setups & Process
      16. Revaluation Setups & Process
      17. Translation Setups & Process
      18. Consolidation Setups & Process
      19. Generating Reports from Financial Reporting Studio (FRS)
      20. Generating Reports from Smart View
      21. Generating Reports from Account Inspector
      22. Generating Reports Account Monitor
      23. GL Period Close Process
  6. Oracle Fusion Accounts Payable (AP)
    1. AP Configuration
      1. Create Business Unit Locations
      2. Create Reference Data Sets
      3. Create Business Units
      4. Assign Business Unit Functions to Business Unit
      5. Create Legislative Data Group
      6. Assign Legislative Data Group to LE
      7. Create Employee User
      8. Assign Implementation Consultant Roles to User
      9. Create Procurement Agents
      10. Common Options for Payables and Procurement
      11. Invoice Options Configuration
      12. Payment Options Configuration
      13. Create Payment Terms
      14. Create Distribution Sets
      15. Setting up Suppliers Number
      16. Assign Supplier Roles to User
      17. Create Supplier
      18. Create Supplier Addresses
      19. Create Supplier Sites
      20. Assigning Supplier Sites to Procurement Business Units
      21. Create Banks
      22. Create Branches
      23. Create Bank Accounts
      24. Create Payables Documents
      25. Create Payment Method
      26. Create Payment Process Profile
      27. Introduction to Payables Role Templates
      28. Assigning Data Roles to User
      29. Submitting LDAP Job
      30. Open Payables Periods