Power BI training in Kukatpally

Power BI Certification Training Course in Kukatpally:

Best Power Bi Training in Hyderabad will help you learn Power BI concepts like Microsoft Power BI Desktop layouts, BI reports, dashboards, Power BI DAX commands, and functions. In this Power BI course, you will explore to experiment, fix, prepare, and present data quickly and easily.
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Power BI training in Kukatpally:Power BI training in Kukatpally

Module 1: Introduction to Power BI (Duration-5hrs):

  • Get Started with Power BI
  • Overview: Power BI concepts
  • Sign up for Power BI
  • Overview: Power BI data sources
  • Connect to a SaaS solution
  • Upload a local CSV file
  • Connect to Excel data that can be refreshed
  • Connect to a sample
  • Create a Report with Visualizations
  • Explore the Power BI portal

Module 2: Viz and Tiles (Duration-5hrs):

  • Overview: Visualizations
  • Using visualizations
  • Create a new report
  • Create and arrange visualizations
  • Format a visualization
  • Create chart visualizations
  • Use text, map, and gauge visualizations and save a report
  • Use a slicer to filter visualizations
  • Sort, copy, and paste visualizations
  • Download and use a custom visual from the gallery

Module 3: Other Power BI Components and Table Relationship (Duration-5hrs):

  • Use Power BI Mobile Apps
  • Get Power BI for mobile
  • View reports and dashboards in the iPad app
  • Use workspace in the mobile app
  • Sharing from Power BI Mobile
  • Use Power BI Desktop
  • Install and launch Power BI Desktop
  • Get data
  • Reduce data
  • Transform data
  • Relate tables
  • Get Power BI Desktop data with the Power BI service
  • Export a report from Power BI service to Desktop

Power BI Training Course Overview:

The course forms the perfect base for anyone aspiring for a solid career in the Business Intelligence field. Some of the topics included in the course are DAX data computation, Power Q&A, and data visualization, among many more

This Recommended Power BI Training will Suitable for MSBI Developers, SQL Garcon inventors, Data Analysis, ETL inventor, BI Professionals and individualizes who wish to learn Power Bi for Creating Advanced Reports using drag and drop options and Fitters. There are no Prerequisites for taking this Power BI Certification Course and Exams. Power Bi Training in Kukatpally.


Power Bi Training in Kukatpally .The curriculum has been designed by faculty at Power Bi Training Gana tech Solution and leading industry leaders. The teaching, content and projects in the course are by world-renowned faculty and other practicing management professionals from leading companies.

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What Is Power BI?

Power BI is a important, pall- grounded business intelligence tool developed by Microsoft that helps druggies produce an interactive visualization using business intelligence. Stylish of all, druggies can produce seductive reports and control panels that run on their own without the need for external help. The way to business growth is revealed through timely implementable perspectives.