Tableau course in Ameerpet

Tableau Certification Training Course in Ameerpet

This Tableau Course in Ameerpet covers Tableau Desktop, a extensively used data visualization, reporting, and business intelligence operation. By completing this Tableau instrument in Hyderabad, you can boost your career by enforcing analytics in your job

Tableau course in Ameerpet:-          Tableau training in Ameerpet

Tableau has constantly been deposited as a” leader” in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms. Tableau proficiency handed by this Tableau training in Hyderabad are in demand, and colorful professionals can profit from this Tableau instrument in Hyderabad.

Tableau Training in Ameerpet online. Gana tech Solution Comprehensive Tableau Course will Cover the Basic to Advanced position ways similar as Reports, Maps, computations, Pollutants, Metadata, Tableau Dashboard and Tableau Garçon with 10 Live systems. This Courses will Covers the introductory SQL like introductory SQL Statements, Joins, Constraints and Unions to ameliorate your database Chops to Come Good Business intelligence( BI)analyst.Tableau Training in Ameerpet online

Tableau training in Hyderabad will profit data judges, data scientists, IT inventors and testers, BI and reporting professionals, and design directors. This comprehensive Tableau course in Hyderabad assists scholars in acquiring analytics chops.

Objectives of the Course

  • Create Interactive dashboards
  • The necessity of reporting and analytics ETL
  • Understand the Tableau architecture and components
  • Gain knowledge of using R scripts in Tableau
  • Simplify and organize data with data connections

Who should go for this course

  • Graduates
  • Business Intelligence Professionals
  • Testing Professionals

Tableau Course Duration

  • 45 Days

Tableau Course Content

Introduction to Data Where housing

  • What is Database evaluation?
  •  Database Evaluation types
  • What is Data where Housing
  • Data where Housing Characteristics and Architecture
  • Difference between OLTP and OLAP
  • What is Dimension table
  • When to use Dimension
  • Types of Dimension Tables
  • What   is Fact table and types
  • When to use Fact table
  • Types of Fact tables
  • What is Star schema and snowflake schema?

 Business Intelligence

  • What is Business Intelligence and Visual Intelligence? 

Tableau Introduction    

  • Why Tableau
  • History of Tableau
  • Characteristics of Tableau
  • Tableau versions.
  • Differences between different versions of tableau.
  • What is Vizql
  • Use of Vizql in Tableau.
  • Tableau Architecture and components. 

Tableau Components

  • What is Tableau Desktop, Server
  • What is Tableau Reader
  • What is Tableau Online
  • What is Tableau Public? 

Tableau Extensions

  • Types of Extensions
  • When to use Tableau Extensions
  • Differences between. Twb and .Twbx extensions 

View Sections

  • What is Dashboard, When to use Dashboard and Ways to use Dashboard
  • What is work book and When to use Workbook
  • What is work sheet and When to use worksheets
  • What is stories their usage
  • Ways to use Workbook, Dashboard, Worksheet, Stories

Dash Board Components

  • Horizontal
  • Vertical component
  • Image Component
  • Text Component
  • Blank Component

Data Connection in Tableau Interface

  • Types of Data Connections in Tableau
  • Connect to Live Data connection
  • Connect to Extract Data connection in Tableau
  • Creation of Extract file in Tableau

Data Joins in Tableau

  • What is Join
  • Types of Joins
  • When to use Joining
  • Rules to perform the Joins in tableau.
  • What is Custom SQL.
  • Custom SQL Enabled Custom SQL.
  • Writing
  • Data Refresh

Data Blending in Tableau

  • What is Data Blending
  • Types of Data Blending
  • When to use Data Blending
  • Rules to perform the Joins in tableau
  •  Join vs. Data Blending


  • Line Graphs
  • Single Line graphs
  • Dual Line Graphs
  • Blended Axis
  • Difference between Dual axis and Blended axis
  • Horizontal Bar Charts
  • Vertical Bar charts
  • Side-Side by bar charts
  • Stacked Bar charts
  • Pie Charts
  • Gantlet Charts