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What exactly is AWS Training?


Before we dive into the topic, let us first understand what exactly AWS Training is.

AWS is a short form of Amazon Web Services. So welcome to the AWS guide where you can uncover many facts, benefits, and uses of Amazon Web Services. In this article, we shall discuss all the domains which are associated with Amazon Web Services because it is always wise to have some knowledge about the course before pursuing it. The necessity to take this exclusive course is having some learning on how exactly a specific application sent on servers and a little idea on computer system managing. Now let’s get back to what AWS is. AWS is nothing but an Amazon platform that serves its cloud services, for example, servers, file storage, database, computing machines, etc. An individual is free to rent these services provided by online-and-offline-classes-for-aws-training-in-ameerpet by paying rent, depending on their usage.

As we all are aware of the fact that Amazon Web Services launched in the year 2006, it did not take much time to run on Fast Track and get high in demand. It is best known for its cloud computing capacity and is one of the largest cloud stages on the planet.

Amazon Web Services can be one of the leading paths to develop a certain organization. The best part about AWS, which people love, is it is very much cost-effective coming with various plan options. Due to all these unique features, the platform is very much high in demand, whereas many IT hubs and other organizations start with their pre-work following the online-and-offline-classes-for-aws-training execution without even thinking twice. Apart from all the features which are listed above, AWS wrapped with other incredible features that offer identity and access management, security, deployment, directory services, storage, application services, computer services, and analytics.

This can be a good source of ongoing and alternative earning for individuals. If you are afraid of losing your priceless data and you plan on the shift all the data into a cloud-based storage system, then you should check out Amazon Web Services. This can be a perfect match for your needs and won’t let you down. To avail of this exclusive course, contact online-and-offline-classes-for-aws-training today.

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Boost your career with Gana Tech exclusive Amazon Web Services Course and add on to your skills and that one life-changing line into your resume. We at Gana Tech make sure we cover every aspect of the course in detail and take you through the real trends of today’s IT world.  We provide the best online-and-offline-classes-for-aws-training-in-ameerpet-hyderabad. We hold a huge of years of experience in this training field with expert, experienced, and most knowledgeable teaching staff. We prepare our students so well that they touch success with flying colours. At Gana Tech, we train our students so perfectly that no stones are left unturned, which brings their name not only to the training academy but also to their friends and family. Due to all these reasons, Gana Tech has been considered one of the most reliable and one of the best training centers in Hyderabad with a good name in the market.

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Apart from all the above reasons, other reasons for the students to pick our courses are because Gana Tech is a genuine and very trusted online-and-offline-classes-for-aws-training-in-ameerpet-hyderabad. Gana Tech is very fit to welcome a wide range of students and has been planned to remember the requirements, benchmarks, and expectations of the industries from AWS-trained expert individuals. We investigate every possibility to keep you at the cutting edge of innovation and make sure that every little part of the information you get from us is right and pertinent to the present-day world.

After all, It comes to the job placement opportunities after completing the course. As we all know that in today’s IT world and every other industry, cloud-based systems are very high in demand, and Amazon Web Services are nothing but cloud-based systems. Due to the high demand for AWS, it is much easier to get excellent job offers after course completion at Gana Tech.


  • Basics for AWS
  • Introduction to Cloud and AWS
  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
  • Identity And Access Management Techniques (IAM)
  • S3
  • SNS, SWF, and SQS
  • Networking: Setting up VPC and NAT
  • AWS Databases RDS and Dynamodb
  • AWS-LAMBDA, AWS-Kinesis
  • Application services,
  • Introduction to docker,
  • Big data Solutions: Data warehousing in AWS
  • Designing Fault-tolerant and Highly Available architecture
  • Identifying the appropriate use of AWS architectural best practices

Hands-on Projects & Case Studies –

  • Hands-on workshop/Project: Deploying a web application using AWS services
  • Deploy a Python/Java application to access/create/upload files on S3 through EC2
  • Deploy a Python/Java application to create tables, and insert values in DynamoDb through
  • EC2
  • Lab on Kinesis, through cloud formation
  • Designing Fault-tolerant and Highly Available architecture
  • Data Security
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Deployment on AWS
  • Cost Optimization in AWS