Azure Course in Hitech city

Azure Course in Hitech city:                 

Azure course in Hitech city mega enables you to learn the most in- demand pall platform to develop, handle, and em place web operations on the Azure pall platform. Our pukka coaches make you grasp Azure fundamentals like Azure active directory, Azure policy, part- Grounded Access Control( RBAC), Azure policy, Azure subscriptions, and Azure Power Shell. During this Azure Training in Hitech mega city trainees will apply live systems and practical scripts to gain an in- depth knowledge of Virtual Machine Planning, Azure App Service, Storage Provisory, Azure cautions, and Azure cargo Balancer. You’ll also acquire proficiency in VPN Gateways, Azure Storage, Blob Containers, and app service plan. Join our Azure online training in Hyderabad to come a pukka Azure inventor and director.

Real- Time Microsoft Azure Training systems:
Our Azure Training course aims to deliver quality training that covers solid abecedarian knowledge on core generalities with a practical approach. similar exposure to the current assiduity use- cases and scripts will help learners gauge up their chops and perform real- time systems with the stylish practices.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Course Syllabus:

1. Introduction to Azure:

  • Cloud technology overview.
  • Overview of Azure.
  • Why to choose Microsoft Azure.
  • Managing Azure with the Azure portal.
  • Managing Azure with Windows Power Shell.
  • Overview of Azure Resource Manager.
  • Features of Azure Resource Manager.
  • Understand about multiple management native tools.
  • Different Azure deployment models.
  • 2. Manage Identities and Secure Identities
  • Lesson/Presentation
  • Managing Azure Active Directory
  • Managing Azure Active Directory Objects
  • Azure AD default & custom domain
  • Implementing and Managing Hybrid Identities
  • Introduction to Identity Protection in Azure
  • Using Multi-Factor Authentication for Secure Access
  • Azure AD Connect
  • Azure AD Basic & Premium Editions
  • Multiple options to using AD.
  • 3. Configure and Manage Virtual Networks and Implement Advanced Virtual Networking
  • Lesson/Presentation
  • Azure Virtual Networks/Subnets
  • Azure DNS Vs BYO DNS.
  • Securing Virtual Network Resources
  • Connecting Virtual Networks
  • Azure VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  • What & Why Site to Site VPN
  • What & Why Point to Site VPN
  • What & VNET to VNET connectivity
  • What & Why VNET peering
  • What & Why Azure Express Route
  • Azure Load balance.
  • Network Monitoring tools.