Azure Devops Course in Ameerpet

AZURE Devops Course Certification Program:

Ganatech solution is the Best Azure DevOps course in Ameerpet is curated by specialists in Azure DevOps
who have 8+years of experience in the industry. Our trainers have created this course several concepts and tools
of the domain,such as Jenkins, Docker, Ansible, etc. to help you clear the exam, AZ-400.

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Azure Devops Course in Ameerpet: 

Azure Devops course in AmeerpetGanatech Solutions is the Stylish Azure DevOps Course in Ameerpet is curated by specialists in Azure DevOps who have times of experience in the assiduity. Our coaches have created this course several generalities and tools of the sphere, similar as Jenkins, Docker, Ansible,etc.
Azure DevOps online course in Ameerpet gives you the stylish knowledge on the Azure Devops approach to know the benefits of Any point platforms led by preceptors who aim to make you complete in the sphere by tutoring Azure subscriptions, configure individual settings, manage resource groups, configure Virtual Machines, and more

Microsoft Azure DevOps AZ- 400 Course is aligned with Microsoft Azure AZ- 400 Exam.Azure DevOps related services. Each every
Content begins with fundamentals of DevOps generalities similar as Source Code Management, nonstop Integration, nonstop Delivery, and so on. 

Azure DevOps Training in Hyderabad

Ganatech Solutions, Azure DevOps is the Certification MS AZ-400 Course which will help you master important Azure DevOps concepts such as Git: Version control tool, GitHub/Azure Repo: Source code repositories, Docker: Container platform, Docker Registry (ACR): Docker image repositories, Kubernetes (AKS): Azure Managed Kubernetes services, Helm: Package manager in Kubernetes, Azure Devops: Continuous integration, Ansible: Configuration Management tool, Terraform: Infrastructure provisioning tool (IAC), Azure: Cloud Plat for

Microsoft Azure DevOps Training in Hyderabad Overview:

Ganatech Azure DevOps online and offline course in Ameerpet is led by preceptors who aim to make you complete in the sphere by tutoring you how to manage Azure subscriptions, configure individual settings, manage resource groups, configure Virtual Machines( VMs), and more.

Learning Objective:   

In this Azure 400 Certification module,you will understand the important aspects of Azure as well as DevOps. Also,learn about
the role of planning and source code management in DevOps.

What is a Azure Devops?

Azure DevOps, a Software as a Service platform by Microsoft provides an end to end DevOps tool chain that allows for the development and deployment of software. It integrates with many of the most popular tools available and can be used to orchestrate a DevOps Tool chain. Azure DevOps offers a variety of services and the entire development life-cycle.

●Azure Boards

●Azure Pipelines

●Azure Repos

●Azure Artifacts

●Azure Test Plans

You can also use the following Collaboration tools:the team Dashboard configurable widgets to share information, progress, and trends Built-in wikis for sharing information Configurable notifications Azure DevOps supports adding extensions and integrating with other popular services, such as: Campfire, like Slack,Trellis,User Voice,and more,

Best Azure Devops Course in Ameerpet:

Azure DevOps Course. If anybody wants to start their career in the IT industry and have knowledge about Azure  DevOps operations, it will be an excellent boost for their career growth. Maybe that person is a developer, system admin,or security specialist, but DevOps will provide a good shape and enhanced part of the career.

Ganatech Solution is the One Of the Best Azure Devops Provides By Real time Projects With Real time Experts by industry hands on with material provides and 24/7 Lab  speciality and Experienced Trainers 20 + Real time time Projects Practice & Mock Interview. Azure platform Enroll now for the best Azure DevOps online certification course

Online and Offline Azure Devops Course in Ameerpet:

Online & Offline Azure Devops Course Available in Ameerpet Azure DevOps Online Training makes you skilled in DevOps concepts like Continuous Integration Continuous Deployment or Continuous Delivery  and Continuous Monitoring, using Azure DevOps. It covers training on Sprint Planning and Tracking, Azure Repos, Azure Pipelines, Azure Test Plans, Azure Artifacts and Extensions for Azure DevOps.The Azure DevOps Training will help you learn how to design and tool plan for collaboration source code management.

Our experienced trainers provide hands-on training and real-world scenarios to give you a comprehensive understanding of Azure DevOps. with In-depth knowledge: Azure DevOps certification course provides in-depth knowledge of the DevOps principles, practices, and tools used to build and deploy software applications on the Azure platform.

About Azure DevOps training and classes in Ameerpet – by  Gana Tech Solutions

Learn from Industry Certified Professionals

Azure DevOps Training at Gana Tech Solutions is standard Microsoft Azure DevOps AZ-400 certification oriented course focused on 100% Practical and Project based training. Our Azure DevOps Training is new course launched in March 2020 and highly demanded and its demand is constantly enhancing since the days we have started this course. Gana Tech Solutions offers the best Azure DevOps Training with Certification preparation. Our Azure with DevOps training course covers both DevOps and Azure concepts like CI (Continuous Integration), CD (Continuous Delivery or Continuous Deployment), and Continuous Monitoring.

The Azure DevOps Training in Ameerpet will make the individual knowledgeable in all aspects that are on-demand in both Microsoft Azure and DevOps. The Azure with DevOps Training Course majorly covers how to implement DevOps in Azure, CI, CD and how to manage security principles and code quality, how to implement build strategy of the container, and more.

We provide MS Azure DevOps training on Weekends and Weekdays with flexibility batches timings. We offer Classroom Training Program Online Training through interactive Platform and Corporate guidance to intrigued competitors, and provide trustworthy Placement Assistance.

Why Choose Gana Tech Solutions for MS Azure DevOps Training in Hyderabad?

The Microsoft Azure- DevOps training at  “Gana Tech Solutions”  helps you to develop the skills in Git: Version control tool, GitHub/Azure Repo: Source code repositories, Docker: Container platform, Docker Registry (ACR): Docker image repositories, Kubernetes (AKS): Azure Managed Kubernetes services, Helm: Package manager in Kubernetes, Azure DeVops: Continuous integration, Ansible: Configuration Management tool, Terraform: Infrastructure provisioning tool (IAC), Azure: Cloud Platform

According to, the average salaries offered to the Azure DevOps Engineer differ based on the service-based and product-based companies. The average salary of the Azure DevOps Engineer working at the Service based company is about 9, 00,000 to 19,00,000 per year for the Azure DevOps Engineer working at Product based companies.

Gana Tech Solutions offers Azure -DevOps course to the candidate at a premium quality rate. It means every candidate can receive an Azure with DevOps Training Course completion certificate once they complete the Online Azure DevOps Course successfully from . All our trainers are experts who have more than a decade of experience working in top MNC and IT companies in respected industries.

What are the top 5 reasons to Learn Azure DevOps?

Microsoft Azure and skills in DevOps has recorded constant steady and growth for the last many years, and it’s now the quickest market penetration in the industry in the short time frame. Here is some of the reason why you should choose Azure with DevOps Online Certification Training to have a successful career.

  • 90% of the fortune companies utilize Azure.
  • Azure DevOps has been the preferred cloud for multiple projects.
  • Niche skills among professionals
  • The job opportunities for the Professionals who have an Azure DevOps Course and Certification are higher among top IT and MNC companies.
  • The average salary of the Azure DevOps engineer ranges from 9L to 19L per year for product-based companies

Azure DevOps Training Content

Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions

DevOps tool Sets

  • Git: Version control tool
  • GitHub/Azure Repo: Source code repositories
  • Docker: Container platform
  • Docker Registry (ACR): Docker image repositories
  • Kubernetes (AKS): Azure Managed Kubernetes services
  • Helm: Package manager in Kubernetes
  • Jenkins: Continuous integration
  • Ansible: Configuration Management tool
  • Terraform: Infrastructure provisioning tool (IAC)
  • Azure: Cloud Platform
  • Implementing Azure solution

Module 1: Getting started with Azure Resource Manager

  • Azure IAM
  • Azure Virtual Machine
  • Azure Networks
  • Azure Storage
  • Azure App services
  • Azure service principles
  • Azure AKS
  • Azure ACR
    Implementing DevOps Development Processes

Module 1: Getting started with Source Control

  • What is Source Control?
  • Benefits of Source Control
  • Types of source control systems
  • Introduction to Azure Repos
  • Migrating from TFVC to Git
  • Authenticating to your Git Repos

Module 2: Scaling git for enterprise DevOps

  • How to structure your git repo
  • Git Branching workflows
  • Collaborating with Pull Requests
  • Why care about Git Hooks?
  • Fostering Internal Open Source
  • Git Version
  • Public projects
  • Files in Git

Module 3: Implement & Manage Build Infrastructure

  • The concept of pipelines in DevOps
  • Azure Pipelines
  • Evaluate use of Hosted vs Private Agents
  • Agent pools
  • Pipelines & Concurrency
  • Azure DevOps and Open Source projects
  • Azure Pipelines YAML vs Visual Designer
  • Setup private agents
  • Integrate Jenkins with Azure Pipelines
  • Integration external source control with Azure Pipelines
  • Analyze & Integrate Docker multi-stage builds

Module 4: Managing application config & secrets

  • Introduction to Security
  • Implement secure & compliant development process
  • Rethinking application config data
  • Manage secrets, tokens & certificates
  • Implement tools for managing security and compliance in a Pipeline
  • Implementing Continuous Integration (CI)
    Module 1: Implementing Continuous Integration in an Azure DevOps Pipeline
    In this module, you’ll be introduced to continuous integration principles including: benefits, challenges, build best practices, and implementation steps. You will also learn about implementing a build strategy with workflows, triggers, agents, and tools.
  • Continuous Integration Overview
  • Implementing a Build Strategy
  • Classic build pipeline setup
  • Integration Azure DevOps pipeline with Jenkins
  • Setup build pipeline for dot net core
  • Setup build pipeline for Java based code by integrating maven
  • Setup build pipeline for NodeJs based code by integration npm and nvm
    Module 2: Managing Code Quality and Security Policies
    In this module, you will be learning how to manage code quality including: technical debt, SonarCloud, and other tooling solutions.
  • Managing Code Quality
  • Managing Security Policies
  • Integrating Pipeline with Sonarqube
    Module 3: Implementing a Container Build Strategy
    In this module, you will learning how to implement a container strategy including how containers are different from virtual machines and how micro-services use containers. You will also learn how to implement containers using Docker.
  • Implementing a Container Build Strategy
  • Integrating Azure pipeline with ACR
  • Implementing Continuous Delivery (CD)

Module 1: Design a Release Strategy

  • Introduction to Continuous Delivery
  • Release strategy recommendations
  • Building a High-Quality Release pipeline
  • Choosing a deployment pattern
  • Choosing the right release management tool
  • Classify a release versus a release process, and outline how to control the quality of both
  • Describe the principle of release gates and how to deal with release notes and documentation
  • Explain deployment patterns, both in the traditional sense and in the modern sense
  • Choose a release management tool
    Module 2: Set up a Release Management Workflow
  • Create a Release Pipeline
  • Provision and Configure Environments
  • Manage and Modularization Tasks and Templates
  • Integrate Secrets with the release pipeline
  • Configure Automated Integration and Functional Test Automation
  • Automate Inspection of Health
    Module 3: Implement an appropriate deployment pattern
  • Introduction into Deployment Patterns
  • Implement Blue Green Deployment
  • Progressive Exposure Deployment
  • Implement Helm chart for Deployment
  • Implementing Dependency Management
    Module 1: Designing a Dependency Management Strategy
  • Introduction
  • Packaging dependencies
  • Package management
  • Implement a versioning strategy

Module 2: Manage security and compliance

  • Introduction
  • Package security
  • Open source software
  • Integrating license and vulnerability scans
  • Implementing Application Infrastructure

Module 1: Infrastructure Automation using Terraform

  • Terraform integration with Azure DevOps
  • Terraform script creation for Azure Resources such as Azure VM and App services
  • Terraform plan validation
  • Infrastructure provision through terraform script apply
    Module 2: Azure Deployment and Configuration using Ansible
  • Ansible integration with Azure DevOps
  • Writing Ansible playbook for infrastructure Automation
  • Ansible role
  • Ansible playbook for configuration
    Module 3: Create and Manage Kubernetes Service Infrastructure
  • Learning Objectives
  • Azure Kubernetes Service
  • Lab Deploy and Scale AKS Cluster
  • Writing Kubernetes manifest file
  • AKS setup and configuration
  • Writing helm chart for micro service
  • Integrating Helm, ACR and AKS with Azure DevOps pipeline
    Module 4: Implement Compliance and Security in your Infrastructure
  • Security and Compliance Principles with DevOps
  • Azure Security Center
  • Lab Integrate a scanning extension or tool in an AZ DevOps pipeline/security center
  • Site Reliability Engineering
  • Analyze telemetry to establish a baseline
  • Perform ongoing tuning to reduce meaningless or non-actionable alerts
  • Analyze alerts to establish a baseline
  • Designing a DevOps Strategy

Module 1: Planning for DevOps
In this module, you will be learning about transformation planning, project selection, and team structures.

  • Transformation Planning
  • Project Selection
    Module 2: Planning for Quality and Security
    In this module, students will be learning about developing a quality strategy and planning for secure development.
  • Planning a Quality Strategy
  • Planning Secure Development
    Module 3: Managing Artifacts and Tools
    In this module, you will be learning about migrating and consolidating artifacts, and migrating and integrating source control measures.
  • Migrating and Consolidating Artifacts
  • Migrating and Integrating Source Control