Devops training in Hitech city


Devops training in Hitech city:-

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Devops Training Course Overview:-

Ganatech Solution is the Best  DevOps Certification training course with placements will help you master all aspects of DevOps including Github, Jenkins, Tomcat, NEXUS, Docker, Sonar Qube , CHEF, Ansible, Puppet, Maven, Kubernetes, Nagios and more.

DevOps Training Course Syllabus in Hyderabad:-

The course curriculum of DevOps training in Hitech city includes learning the basics of cloud computing, GIT, Amazon web services concepts, configuration management and continuous integration through various DevOps tools. Joining the best DevOps training in Hitech city will give you an in-depth knowledge essential to clear any future interviews for a job profile of DevOps engineer or developer. The DevOps course will help you as a candidate learn everything about DevOps in comprehensive regular assignments and real-time projects.

Devops training in Hitech city


DevOps Online and Classroom Training in Hitech city:-

Many DevOps Online and Offline training institutes in Hitech city offers face to face live instructor-led DevOps courses. Through this course, one can receive a dedicated hand-to-hand learning experience, clarification of doubts in-person from training experts, and personal mentorship.

Introduction to DevOps:-
  • What is DevOps
  • Definition of DevOps
  • History of DevOps
  • Why Study DevOps
  • Stakeholders in DevOps
  • Perspective of DevOps
  • Tools used in DevOps
  • Management of configuration
  • Continuous Integration

    Cloud Computing:-

    • Introduction to cloud computing
    • What is cloud computing
    • Implementation models
    • Service models for cloud
    • Advantages in cloud computing
    • Concerns in cloud computing


      • History of Virtualization
      • Hypervisor Introduction
      • Types of Hypervisors
      • Server Virtualization types
      • Various benefits of virtualization
      • Products used for virtualization

        Essentials for AWS Cloud:-

        • Introduction to Amazon Web Services
        • Elastic Load Ba lancer
        • Route 53 and VPC
        • Simple Storage Services (Amazon S3)
        • Content Delivery Network
        • DynamoDB
        • Cloud watch and Cloud trail
        • Amazon SES
        • S3 Browser
        • Access Management
        • AWS Identity

          Linux Administration:-

          • Introduction to Linux
          • Distributions and embedded systems
          • Command Line Syntax
          • Globbing and Quoting
          • Formatting Commands
          • Working with options
          • Linux file system
          • Hidden files
          • Hidden directories
          • Relative paths
          • Case Sensitivity
          • Regular expressions
          • Text Editing
          • Shell scripting
          • Kernel and Processes
          • Network and Routers
          • System Users
          • Group Commands
          • Symbolic Links
          • Sticky Bits