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Hadoop training :

Hadoop training in Kukatpally Ganatech Solution is the Apache Hadoop software library is a frame that allows for the distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of computers using simple programming models. It’s designed to gauge up from single waiters to thousands of machines & is well able towards handling all the complex data operation challenges of the Big Data Technology.

At present, there’s an exclusive demand for the good experts in the Big Data Hadoop sphere & also the career openings then are relatively aplenty. Work towards making the most out of the rising career openings in this leading Big Data sphere by getting enrolled for the Ganatech Solution top- notch Hadoop Training In Kukatpally.

 Hadoop training in Kukatpally:

About the Hadoop Course:

Hadoop training in Kukatpally furnishing professional course in Hadoop Technology. The growing, data promises can not be met by conventional technologies and need some really organized and automated technology. Big data and Hadoop are the two kinds of the promising technologies that can dissect, curate, and manage the data. The course on Hadoop and Big data is to give enhanced knowledge and specialized chops demanded to come an effective inventor in Hadoop technology. Along with literacy, there’s virtual perpetration using the core generalities of the subject upon live assiduity grounded operations. With the simple programming modules, large clusters of data can be managed into simpler performances for ease of availability and operation. Ganatech Solution has the stylish moxie to handle the Hadoop training in Kukatpally.

Course Objectives

The Course goes with the aim to understand key concepts about:

  • HDFS and Map Reduce Framework
  • Architecture of Hadoop 2.x
  • To write Complex Map Reduce Programs and Set Up Hadoop Cluster
  • Making Data Analytics by using Pig, Hive and Yarn
  • Sqoop and Flume for learning Data Loading Techniques
  • Implementation of integration by HBase and Map Reduce
  • To implement Indexing and Advanced Usage
  • To Schedule jobs with the use of Ozzie application
  • To implement best practices for Hadoop Development Program
  • Working on Real Life Projects basing on Big Data Analytics