MSBI Course in Hitech city


Ganatech Solution is the stylish institute for MSBI Training in Hitech city.we offer classroom and MSBI online training courses by pukka faculty. MSBI stands for Microsoft Business Intelligence. MSBI is a important tool. Ganatech is stylish results for Business Intelligence and Data Mining Queries. MSBI druggies to gain access to accurate and over- to- date information for the better association. MSBI tool uses Visual plant along with SQL garcon. The offers different tools for the different processes needed in MSBI Training in Hitech city.

MSBI Course in Hitech City

MSBI Course in Hitech city:

Ganatech Solution is furnishing MSBI( Microsoft Business Intelligence) designed by Endured Professionals in Microsoft. You’ll be master in MSBI, if you complete course in specifically designed MSBI course to clear your interviews and to work on your design from day one, if you’re moving from other technologies to MSBI and Certifications which are related to MSBI. As part of MSBI Course, we will train you SQL Garçon, SSIS to integrate data, SSRS to fantasize the data and SSAS to dissect the data.


Introduction to MSBI

  • What is MSBI
  • the life cycle of BI/DWH
  • List of ETL and OLAP Tools
  • Features of MSBI


  • SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
  • SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)
  • SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)


  • To learn MSBI in any of the MSBI Training in Hitech city when we have sound knowledge in SQL Query. it must understand the foundations about MSBI.
  • Database Tables is very much important for effective msbi training institutes in Hyderabad.
  • Having a good idea about Database Tables will make MSBI performing Data warehousing.
  • Basic knowledge of Unix Commands also needed for day to day execution of the Software.

What’s MSBI?
Microsoft Business Intelligence is complete set of BI tools from Microsoft Corporation to transfigure DATA( which can understand by Machine) into Information( which can be understood by Human being). MSBI can prize, transfigure and load data. MSBI can be used to make reports to fantasize the data. MSBI can be used to do analytics by creating time grounded computations like MTD( Month to Date), QTD( Quarter to Date), YTD( Time to Date), previous, YoY( Time over Time) and YoY( Chance of Time over Time).

SSRS( SQL Garçon Reporting Services)
SQL Garçon Reporting is reporting tool to produce reports to the druggies. SSRS is part of MSBI. SSRS can produce colorful types of reports like Table, Matrix, List, Parameter( s) reports, Slinging Parameter reports, Drill Down Reports and Drill through reports grounded on Business demand. SSRS Developers can emplace/ publish reports to SQL Garçon Reporting Service to make it available for the druggies. stoner can connect from any system which is connected to corp network and can pierce the report, if they’ve access to the SQL Garçon Reporting Services. SSRS is also have Report Builder, which is used to do ad- hoc changes in the garcon itself. Reports will be listed grounded on Business demand.

SSAS( SQL Garçon Analysis Services) It’s logical tool which is used to produce Multidimensional cell and Tabular Model. In Multidimensional, can produce Data Source view, Named computations, Named Queries and logical keys to produce connections. cell( s) will be created in Multidimensional Model and can produce partitions and Measures as part of the cell. Time Intelligence can be applied grounded on demand either in Multidimensional Model or Tabular Model. MDX( Multidimensional Expression) as SSAS Data sources will be available for the druggies, once it’s stationed.